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Whether you're training for speed, distance, or both, R & R Fitness will develop a program specifically for your goals. Improve your times for all distances, including 5K, 10K, half marathons, and full marathons. If you're seeking to improve your run time for a military PT test, check out our PT Test Prep page!

Run coach packages begin at $300.

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run coaching
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R&R is a great way to lose the weight you want for the summer. The meals are good and so is the price! We have been with R&R Fitness for 3 weeks now and already seeing great progress with the workouts we've been given.
Kiley Davila

Five out of five stars for R &R Fitness!
Nicole Torres Robles

Highly recommend R&R fitness. They genuinely care for you, and do whatever they can to get you to were you want/need to be. I've been with them for three weeks, not only do I see physical change, but I feel great and have more energy. The meal preps are so yummy!!
Haley Davila

PT Test Prep:
Response Force team member failed his PT test and had 2 weeks to get a score of 85 or above. If not, he would be involuntarily leaving the team. After just 2 weeks of R&R training and proper nutrition, he was not only able to achieve a time of 12:32 in his mile and half run, but he was also able to max out push ups and sit ups for the first time in his career! Final score of 89.2!

PT Test Prep: 36 year old female Senior Master Sargent was having trouble passing her run and waist measurement. With 2 months of training she was able to get a 14:57 run time and lower her waist measurement from 39" to 32"! Final score: 88!

Personal Training: 3 month results: Before: 40% body fat After: 25% body fat!

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